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Cisco continues to maintain top rank, RIM rejoins Top 10
3/23/2010 4:47:23 PM

The latest Telecom & Communications Patent Scorecard™ was released today and has ranked 129 of the top Telecom & Communications companies according to the relative strengths of their patent portfolios as measured by Technology Strength™.  The Patent Scorecard™ provides an overall assessment of a company’s recent intellectual property quality and quantity at a broad industry level. The Patent Board tracks seventeen industry scorecards and also creates customized scorecards that provide insight with leading performance indicators for an entire portfolio and its closest competitors, scalable at the technology or business unit level.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (San Jose, California, USA) continues to hold the top rank on this week’s Patent Scorecard. Cisco holds a comfortable lead over the industry, and had a patent count increase of 10%, well above the 8.3% industry average increase. It also had a 16% improvement in Research Intensity™ for the period. AT&T (Dallas Texas, USA) maintains its 2nd place spot, with healthy increase across all indicators, including an 11% increase in patent count, an 18% increase in Science Strength™ and a 16% improvement in Research Intensity™.

Qualcomm, Inc. (San Diego, California, USA), Nokia Group (Espoo, Finland) and Motorola, Inc. (Schaumburg, Illinois, USA) all remain unchanged at 3rd, 4th and 5th, respectively. Qualcomm had a 16% increase in patent count, and an 18% increase in Science Strength™, which leads the industry and is over double that of its nearest competitor, Cisco. The company also   improved its industry leading Research Intensity™ score by 11% and is now almost double that of the industry average. Nokia had a strong increase in Research Intensity™, at 18%, and also improved its Science Strength™ by almost 10%. Motorola declines...

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